Bombay Brow Bar

“If you pluck too much your eyebrows will never grow back!” – Mom

Those words were drilled into me during my adolescence years. Eyebrows use to be a “thing” for me because my Mom adamantly refused to let me groom them. So while all my friends were tweezing, waxing and threading I sported unruly thick brows until the middle of highschool.
When the ban was lifted I went wild. I believe that year the fad was “mountain” brows. Girls would draw the eyebrows thin, long and with a high arch. I am sad to say I was one of them. At one time  considered tattooing my brows like most people eventually did to save them the maintenance.
I am glad I didn’t as the trends change often so does my preference. For example, I use to be all about threading. It’ cheap, provides a clean shape & is painless. Yet lately, all I’ve been doing is waxing because the shape I wish to achieve and the time factor is unbeatable. Since I live in Surrey, I’ve been fortunate to have a platter of threading/waxing salons available near me and never had to spend more than $10 to groom.
I’ve been growing out my eyebrows lately so I can have a full thick look (yes, I am going backwards) and decided to try  a shop I read in Business In Vancouver, Bombay Brow Bar.
The only service they provide IS brow grooming. That puts my full confidence in them as if you are going to only provide one service, it must be the best right?
I looked them up and they are located in Yaletown, upscale. Upon arrival, I stepped in a chic shop with gorgeous purple decor and grand looking seats. I was treated to delicious Chai tea while I had my consultation.
The consultant with a white pencil outlined what my eyebrows were suppose to look like according to my face and structure. I chose the threading option as that is their recommendation. Afterwards I got a head massage and a makeup application for my brows.  The total price for this service was $23 plus tax/tip.
The end result? I liked the attention, environment and  Chai but I feel perhaps the eyebrows weren’t something I LOVED and can only achieve at this salon. Here are the before after pics for you to criticize and decide yourself.



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