Shall we dance?

“Dance like no one is watching”
Dance is so beautiful that one wonders, my body does that?! I’ve always wanted to learn the traditional dances and over the years I had dabbled in some but never to an extent where I focused and devoted time to it.
Yet, face it, as I get older I will have to attend functions where I can’t just rely on my Chicken & Macarena dance.
So I signed up for Ballroom Dance Classes. Yesterday was my first lesson and we learned the Fox Trot.
I am surprised how moves that are essentially simple can take an entire class to master.
Forward, forward, side, step. Back, back, side, step.
I find that when I am performing the moves by myself, I nailed it. And sadly that is only 50% of it because  when my partner and I get together….it’s  a whole other story.
Yes there was some toe crunching and my unwillingness to let him lead. Halfway through the class I had to start closing my eyes just so I could trust him to lead…something we will work on for the months to come.
It was defenitley fun and I think I laughed 85% of the time. Next week we learn my signature dance….
The Rumba! Stay tuned.

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