BELL Mobility rant

I pride myself to be a loyal person. Whenever I become a member or register, I am in it for life!
Recently, I have renewed all 3 of my Bell accounts for another 3 years. Commited, yes?
When I renewed for my Mom she selected a Samsung Impact. This phone is actually very good for users just beginning to adjust to the touch screen. It’s basic, compact & has a nice feel. When you renew, you receive the phone at the promo rate of $27.
My Mom has been in posession of the phone for about a week now and we started taking pictures. When we reviewed the pictures, we found pictures that weren’t ours!
Um what?
Apparently the pictures were dated back to August….so unimpressed.
Firstly, the associate failed to notify me that it was an open item. Perhaps if he notified me I wouldve changed my mind about buying a Buyers Remorse item.
Secondly, he made me pay full price for  a phone they were trying to pass off as new! At least give me a discount on an open item.
**if you are going to try to sell a open item as new, at least be smart and reset the info?
& now they say the best they can do is just exchange the device and no other compesnation? 
They said quote, “your lucky we are even taking this back seeing as you went over the 30 minutes mark”.
REALLY? Now why would I think about having to go under 30 minutes when I had no intention of returning my phone because I thought it was new.
Hello! What about my wasted time, stress and a upset Mom?
If I could wrangle out of my contract now I would but when my renewal date comes around again, bye bye Bell.
Come on, you are a huge corporation, you can do better than that.


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