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I look around today & see that so much of the youth, as young as 8, have cellular devices.  !!! – I didn’t get my first cell phone until 16 and even then it was a “shared” one.
I understand it is a safety precaution & it is integrated into our society as a form of communication. YET, I also do remember spending hours hanging out with my friends or jabbering on the phone. Nobody talks on the phone anymore, they are texting. (ps. did I mention now I love texting?) BUT I still think it is important to build real communication skills early on in life.  
The recent debate was whether I should get an Iphone 4 or the Samsung Galaxy S. I’ve never been an apple user so it’d be my first time whereas I usually prefer Samsung products.
Pros: Iphone 4 – user friendly, more apps, face chat and the recognized brand
            Samsung Galaxy – New tech Swype text, larger screen, scratchproof and lighter
Cons: Iphone 4 – reported antenna problems, heavier and scratchable 
            Samsung Galaxy – Runs on Android software
So which phone did I choose to be with for the next 3 years? The Iphone4. Only because the Galaxy I think is still just getting started & there will be better versions to come but the Iphone is in its 4th version hopefully working out all their kinks.
Here’s a look at all the past phone relationships I had:
Well who didnt have one of these to begin with? Big bulky and you can only change the colours for your face plate.
They really should bring back the Snake game, which was really fun. This phone got the job done calling from A to B
and it got me through grade 10 easy enough.

The Sanyo 8100, how in love with this phone I was. This was my favourite phone to recall. It had a display in the front, so when I took pictures of
myself and friends, we could see what we looked like first (us being vain and all). It had a nice blue illuminating display and it was just the right size.
I lost this phone in a taxi, which to this day I am still sad about.

When the Motorola Razr came out, everybody was like whoa so thin! I think just about everyone got one, so I did too! I got the pink one and played with it for about a week before someone stole it while I was working. This was a very short-lived phone relationship.

So what do you know? I get the Katana that looks like the Razr but more durable and in white. This one actually impressed me as I wasnt totally in love with it but it lasted me such a long time. I believe I saw this phone through my 2 years of contract and I still have it as a “back up” phone as it works so well!

Here is where I started getting all techy. This HTC really attracted me as its touch. I didn’t like buttons anymore and here was this brand new shiny phone with touch! It had everything I wanted at my finger tips, weather, stocks, games, etc. BUT it lagged as it was run by windows and it just wasn’t up to par. I quickly gave this to my sister.

& the Samsung Instinct. My last and latest phone who has been so good to me. Its sleek and stylish with very easy to touch buttons and navigation, zero lag. I didn’t need a data plan as a all browsing was just run by wifi. It was AWESOME. We had a great time and lasted through the contract, I will be recycling the Katana and keeping the Instinct as a backup =)

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