The Hunger Games

About a year ago when I was on the Stephenie Meyer website reading up on the latest Twilight Saga news, I stumbled on her recommendation of a new novel she “couldn’t put down”,
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
As I respect Ms.Meyer as an author, I went out to purchase my own copy of The  Hunger Games. I was entranced by it! It was….1984 meets Lord of the Flies in the future.
These novels really address the issues we have in our political environment and human behaviour. It injects love, humour and violence in its pages and you are constantly in the dark as what happens next is unpredictable.
Mockingjay was just released and is the last installment in the trilogy. After reading it, I felt empty as you probably will too if you decide to take this journey reading it. **As usual, I will give no spoilers.**
If they should decide to produce a movie from this, I know 2 things.
1) it will be huge
2) it cannot do the book justice
This is not your normal fluff read but it’s well worth your time and money.
Happy reading!

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