Ear Candle Wax

Everyone who knows me, knows I love to try new things! I happened to come across this ear wax removal technique called Ear Candling recommended by my friend & her husband. I was hooked right after I heard the process.
I qtip quite often only to dismay to discover qtipping actually pushes the wax further into your ear rather than clearing out your ear. After watching numerous youtube videos, I decided to do it!
The candles are actually not sold in Canada as they do not enourage this technique, it could be labeled as “dangerous”….which means they sell it in the US! Tara was very generous and got me some =)
The process begins with the person lying on their side. Have a bowl of water nearby and if you like put the candle through a foam plate so it may catch any wax/flame that could potentially drop on the side of your hair/face. Place the candle directly in  your ear and light the candle. You should feel a warm sensation in you ear and hear a bit of a crackling. Once the candle burns down an inch, you cut it and the relight until 1 inch is left. You unravel the candle and voila! Your ear wax for your viewing pleasure. ( I would attach pictures of mine but you know, some things you just cannot share!) It could either be powdery or straight line of wax. The candle acts as a vaccum to suck up the wax in your ear.
I’ve attached a youtube video in case you are intrigued and would like to try as well:

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