Axe Capoeira

I’ve never heard of Capoeira until I met Phil. He’s been in the practice for about 5 years and recently he has started up his own class (congratulations!). My first experience was in a park where I had wide open space. It felt like a mix of everything – dancing, kung fu and acrobatics.
That day I did more cartwheels than I did in the last 5 years! My 2nd experience was in his first class taught at Richmond Sports Club.
This experience was good because we had music and other students as well to pretend spar with. It didn’t feel like a workout cause I was having so much fun, until the next day that is. Boy was I sore and that’s a good thing!
If you would like to try it out, your first class is free! Check out his blog to find out more! Hope to see you there =)

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