What a beautiful summer & now it’s all over! Routine is going to be setting in again and my jackets will be making an appearance.
OH, also don’t forget to stock up on RainX! Canadian Tire $5.99
I think it’s fantastic that it always ends with a nice long weekend.
The last tidbits of summer included:

Grouse Grind – This was a family affair that is memorable. I think we’ve been talking about going grinding for quite some time before we found a day where everyone was available and ready. My Mom attempted to do this a few years back and turned around about 10 minutes in and my Dad use to boast how he hiked all the time back in Vietnam. Our starting time was 11:30am and from there we all went astray. Michelle & Jesse shot up to the top putting their time at 80 minutes. My Dad followed behind them with 90 minutes. This left me, Stu & my Mom. This was a true daughter’s mission. Countless times she wanted to stop and turn around but with our encouragement step after step she made it to the top with the time 3hrs 58mins. It was quite a proud moment! But truly the highlight of the day was the steak we all got afterwards 🙂

Backstreet  Boys – “Backstreet’s back alright!”  My 12yr old self was so giddy! It was a last-minute decision to go and honestly I dont know why I didn’t jump on that ship sooner seeing as how much I use to love Brian! I went with Louise who loves Nick and we had a great time! Without Kevin the group is not complete but they were still golden! It was less of a concert but more of a karaoke night! The crowd knew every word and we outsang the boys (or men)! I feel this may be the last concert that they will sing their classic set list. I am so happy I got a chance to see them and had a blast from the past.

PNE – Uh the ultimate MUST DO of summer especially since this year was the 100th year. I had such a great time per usual spending at least 12 hours there and soaking up everything. I had a chance to ride all the rides, my favourite being Crazy Beach Party & Twin Flip. I got to eat all my favourite PNE foods; corn on the cob, crepe, lemonade, mini donuts & wiggle chips! Something new this year I did was see the Acrobats show, which was phenomenal. I have never seen anything like that before – Throwing people around, spinning plates, ceiling high chairs, spinning of tables with foot…just fantastic! Of course whats a trip to PNE without visiting the Marketplace? I didnt go crazy this year but I saw this neat service. You soak your feet in a tub with heat sensations and all your toxins come out of the soles of your feet. Everybody started with clear water and then after a while it became poo like with clumps of colour. Depending on the colour it was what you were releasing. Yech. The only regret I have is not buying prize home lottery tickets! A first for me this year was also the gambling aspect….the Over & Under 7 game is dangerous!! =p

Cultus Lake – 10x cooler than Splashdown! We went on a day with a bit of an overcast so lineups were short! I can’t believe I did all those slides and didnt cry! The park is amazing and the slides are so much fun!  Totally recommend and will be coming back next year. PLUS SIDE of this day was that I found my camera!! After Splashdown I thought I lost my ultra cool waterproof/drop proof camera and was so upset =( TURNS OUT I left the camera in Akina’s camping chair’s cup holder. So when she unfolded her chair, it plopped out! I was like jumping for joy! haha.

Yesterday the last day of summer, I did nothing. I scrap booked and watched 6 hours of The O.C., now it’s back to routine. Au revoir Summer!

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