Ugly Dating Website

As I sit here eating my Viet Sub for lunch reading the 24hrs, I stumble across this bizzare article.
It is reported that in the UK they have launched a dating website for “ugly” people. Um, what? Really!?
I don’t know how I feel about this as I think websites like that create low self esteem and it’s just asking for negative publicity YET over 2,000 new members since the site launched. Here is what they have on the home page: (text taken from

5 Ugly Truths About Dating

  1. Half of UK daters aren’t pretty so instead of fishing in a small pool of prettiness and getting nowhere dive into an ocean of uglies and have more choice.
  2. Ugly people are a better calibre of human – pretty people generally aren’t very nice and are often a bit shallow.
  3. Ugly people have had a tougher life and therefore tend to be more considerate and more loyal. A recent TUBB survey also proved that they try harder in bed.
  4. Once with an ugly partner it is unlikely that anyone will try and take them from you meaning you can let yourself go completely once you’re together.
  5. In these straightened times TUBB is cheaper as a) We don’t charge much as the pretty sites and b) Ugly people have lower expectations – for a first date a Family Bucket will usually do the trick.

What do you think? Does it degrade people or is it really a site for people who are looking to date and has overcome their shallow side?

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