Make it easy for me won’t you?

As I was brushing my teeth this morning I was pondering about why is it that almost everything that is convenient in life is either looked down upon or seen as the easy way out?
Fast food: bad bad bad but convenient
Boxed hair dye: suicide of hair colour but convenient
Driving faster than speed limit: dangerous but convenient
Not trying new restaurants:  not being adventurous but convenient
Stale relationships: so routine and boring but convenient
Well you get the gist.  I think us humans should just have a balance. Don’t make things TOO convenient because you’ll be bored soon enough but don’t always go looking for the harder route. I compare it to Beauty & the Beast:
Belle’s dad takes the horse to his Invention Convention. On their journey he has 2 paths to take; the bright sunny one or the dark foggy one. He chooses the foggy one!
For example, yesterday I went to PNE only to be persuaded to ride the Revelation (they were having a special 2 for $22). I’ve managed to avoid this crazy insane contraption for 23 years of my life, nuh uh no way was going on THAT. Well after humming and hawing I had no choice. I pride myself as fearless when I can ride every ride at least 2x but they were in my “convenient” zone. Now that I was being asked to step out of it, I realised yes you need a shot of adrenaline now and then. It was very scary regardless!
Keyword today: BALANCE

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