Let’s Play Catch-Up

Happy Monday- not
Mondays are like fruit cake during Christmas, nobody likey.
What do you know, a blink of an eye and the end of summer is fast approaching.
My random doings for the summer:

Splashdown:  I won a 4 pack of Splashdown tickets courtesy of 103.5 QMFM when I answered the Guess Who question! We rounded everyone up (Myself, Pennie, Akina, Stu, Michelle, Jesse, Money, Helen, Pouya & J) on a scorching  Sunday and off we went. My adorable 4year old cousin Bella, from Edmonton,  was our special guest and she came with her cute purple bathing suit and her Dora lawn chair. Finding parking was such a feat, we ended up parking on the side road just like everyone else. Luckily some of us went earlier to secure a spot otherwise we’d be nowhere! Unfortunately others, *cough Stu* forgot their trunks and had to turn back home to retrieve. The food we brought was a good balance, you had your chips, fruits, chocolate, juice and pop. We started out all together but somehow we all went astray. What separated me from the group was Fubar’s Watermelon Eating contest. I just ran for it and situated myself in the contest. They gave us 1/4 of a watermelon and said “no hands”, just go! Sad to say I did not win only because the dude across from me kept pushing away my watermelon! That’s another thing to check off the bucket list. The slides were fun, my favourite was Jim’s River Run, I think I did that at least 6x. The slides with the tubes are more fun than the ones where you just sit. My overall impression of this park was that it was more catered to children/families as oppose to Cultas Lake. The scariest slide here was advertised as the Black Hole and my fear factor was only a 6.9.  We stayed till closing and we went out to Reds for dinner. I surprised myself and didn’t get my usual favourite Mushroom Burger.  I deemed it a successful day….that is until I got home. First of all, my chest got burned, second of all my house was stifling hot which means no sleeping that night & lastly I lost my camera! My brand new Olympus tough underwater camera. ARGH. My sister was so upset because literally she just got back from Edmonton and all her pictures were on there. How, why, where and when! And the thing is, I don’t really care about the camera itself I can always get another one but all those pictures undeveloped, sigh. Just gotta put out there to whoever stole it: Karma will come back for you.

Michael Buble Live!: When it was announced that Michael going to be performing back in Vancouver, I was filled with giddyness. I bought floor seats during the PreSale and secured my spot for the first show. He hadn’t performed in his hometown Vancouver in over two years and everyone knows when you come home you gotta do it big! A group called Naturally 7 opened for him and usually openers are just a bore fest but these men were outstanding. They are not your regular acappella group. They do not sing with music because they create the music! They take it another level from beat boxing, each one of them can mimic an instrument; drums, bass, saxophone etc. Together they sound like a live band! I kid you not! By then the crowd was already completely riled up and so when Michael came on…*speechless*.  He looked goooood. Now this was a show. I’ve been to many concerts but this one blew it out of the water. It ran smooth, the back drops were spectacular and he himself was focused and personable. All proceeds from the show that night went to BC Children’s Hospital. (uh hello! He is amazing!). Sad to say he confirmed he was to get married (boohoo).  When he sang Home, my legs just about gave out! To end things right, the crowd was showered with confetti and he said a heartfelt goodbye! If possible I love him even more so now than before! I splurged and got a MB tee which you will see me sporting everywhere now! For a more in-depth review: http://www.theprovince.com/sports/Crowd+loved+Everything+about+Buble+latest+homecoming/3428984/story.html

Miss West Coast All Canadian Girl Pageant: I was asked to be a judge for this pageant and I was honoured! Alongside me were Miss Greater Vancouver & Miss Lowermainland. It was held at the same place our pageant was so it brought back great memories! The contestants were ages 0-13 so we had great variety. I’ve never been a judge before and didn’t realize how diffucult it was, I thought everyone was fantastic! The babies were very adorable and the older girls were so talented! This is an excellent program for young girls to gain friends, self confidence and have fun! There was a lot of pink everywhere and every contestant walked away with a prize regardless if they were crowned. We were treated to many talented acts and creative costumes. I hope the girls had as much fun as I did and congratulations to all the winners!

Movies: Not that there were many cold days to sit home and watch a movie but I got my share.
The Expendables 7.9:  all star cast, humorous jokes & lots of action. Weak plot.
The A-Team 7.6: great cast, good plot and unpredictable.
Dinner for Schmucks 8.3: great cast, slap your knee funny and original.
The Other Guys 5.9: Awful. Not funny at all, weak storyline.
Inception 8.6: Creepy mentally like Shutter Island, long movie, crazy plot and intense

Unfortunate: The only incident that was bad this summer was my tire going flat. I just never expected it to happen to me! I am driving down Langely highway when this lady keeps honking me. I peer over and she says, “your back tire is flat”. Impossible! How can my tire be flat?! So I pull over on the highway, which is super narrow already, oh and did I mention it’s raining?! Yeah super uncool. Luckily, I did not have to buy a new one! Kal Tire repaired it for free! FREE! woo.

Well there’s a slice of my Summer, but hey it ain’t over yet 🙂

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