Hair Did

Hair = Security blanket

What is it about hair that we see so much as a security blanket? I can honestly say I’ve been sporting the same hair do since 2000. It’s my “Rachel” haircut. It’s almost as if I bypassed all the trendy styles that emerged; the side bangs, front bags, Vicky Beck A-line, etc. I also missed the hair dye patterns; Christina A’s tips only, placement colours, funky colours, etc.
That is not to say I am a stranger to the salon, no siree. I probably havent spent a good 2g on my hair in the last 10 years. You see I have this thing. A weird thing I suppose some people might see it. Every time a life changing event happens, I dye my hair. Seriously. Almost same day or day after. I am one of those people if I don’t get it done right this second, I probably wont do it. I bounce between black, brown & blonde.  I like trying new salons and I found that toner is my new best friend. Recently, I’ve finally settled down with a salon I know I am going to be loyal to. You can check out their website:
I have this temptation to just chop it off super short one day! Until then I’ll keep loving being a girl and visiting the salon and changing up my look whenever I like!
Here is my latest hair color, light brown with ash white streaks:

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