Mickey. Photos by PLam.
When I was a child I had the unfortunate incident of  my neighbours dog chasing after me. It left me scared of dogs. Whenever I went to visit my friend’s place they would put their dogs in the backyard because I was afraid. Well as I started seeing Poms, I ached to get a puppy. My parents refused because they said it was too much work and dogs got messy. But in the summer of 2004, my cousin’s dog got pregnant and had puppies. They offered us one and this is who came to us:
Wasn’t he so adorable? He kept us up the first few nights by his crying and whining because he missed his Mum. We didn’t know anything about puppies so we kept him in a recycling box until we got our things in order 🙂 We said we wouldn’t name him until we all agreed on a name but my sister just kept calling him Mickey and it stuck. He’s the only “boy” in our family so he gets spoiled. Growing up, he’s chewed on countless pairs of heels and wreaked havoc on our house. I think he was the catalyst to why we ripped out our carpets to get wooden floors. He’s just a big baby essentially. He will eat anything and everything but he’s an asian dog so he likes his rice. He enjoys bath time and instead of going for walks his mission is to just smell everything in sight.  He’s very energetic and rambunctious when you first meet him jumping on you, smelling you and generally getting in your space. Big dogs don’t frighten him but he can’t stand little puppies, he’s not sure what to do around them. We love him lots and wish him a happy 6th birthday this month ❤

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