Las Vegas 2010- ft. Tammie, Allie & Vienna!

Fun fact: Over 37.5 million people visit Las Vegas every year and 17 out of the 20 biggest hotels in the world are located in Vegas.

This was my first trip to Vegas & it was like most of my trips, it was on impulse. Allie found a great deal on Allegiant, 2 for 1 airfare & hotel and we were booked!
There’s always great deals on that website, check it out:
We left Wednesday morning and drove down to Bellingham to catch our flight. The Bellingham airport is super dinky but when you board the airplane you can do it celebrity style by climbing right on. The airport wanted to charge $9/day for parking. Ugh. Trip Advisor, LV Forum, gave some great parking tips. If you park 2 minutes away from the airport at the UHaul parking lot, they only charge $15/week! Score! As well, I learned from Allie that if you request for seats on the Emergency Exit aisle, you have double the leg room space! It made the flight that much more comfortable & wonderful.

Touched down in Vegas around 4pm and was greeted with the most excruciating heat of my life! HOT. HOT. HOT.
I believe the whole time we were there temperatures were hovering around 41-46 degrees. The only way I can truly describe it is someone holding a hot blow dryer to your body all the time. Brutal.

Everything at first glance is huge and so over the top.

The Venetian where we stayed is a 4 star hotel and it was very beautiful. I wrote my review on Trip Advisor, the post should be up in a few days as o1goodgirl.
The hotel was such a breathtaking sight as it gives you a feeling of being in Venice. We had a few problems the first day but when it was settled we had a great time, our home base! My favourite part of course is the tv in the bathroom.

The highlights of our trip:
– Being in the audience for Wheel of Fortune! Seeing Pat & Vannah in person was amazing and being on the set was defenitley way cool.
– Thunder from down Under. I am still drooling over the show. Amazinggg! The men, hot. The show, hot. I recommend it to every girl and dont hesitate to get VIP seating, there is more chance theyll choose you to come up on stage 😉
– Tao nightclub. Loved it. Not like anything back home! The line ups were insane and the club was bumping. We knew an awesome promoter and whenever we just said his name “Stan”, we would jump to the front of the lineup, no cover and free drinks.  We were deleriously happy as we danced the night away.
– The 24hr buffets. You need to get this absolutely if you are going to eat in Vegas. $35 for 24 hrs. 7 themed buffets to choose from at selected hotels and many meals as you like. It had everything under the sun, I was super impressed and STUFFED.
I said I would not gamble, but how could I not! So I did, I won a litte, and then I lost. We shopped at the outlets and at the mall, drank on the street on our huge refillable cups of margarita, tanned at the pool, spent a lot of money, caught many cabs and walked to our legs ached.

Vegas is a huge adult playground where everything and anything is possible!!


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