Hey – you never know!

I wanna be a billionaire so frickin’ bad, buy all of the things I never had. I want to be on the cover of Forbes magazine smiling next to Oprah & the Queen. Everytime I close my eyes, I see my name in shiny lights. A different city every night, oh I swear the world better prepare for when I am a billionaire. – Travie McCoy

I am sure you all have in your pocket what I have right now, a Lotto Max ticket.
Tonight’s draw is $50 million plus $55 max millions. Those numbers just boggle me.
I have two tickets of my own and I am involved in other lotto pools with various groups.
So I sit here and think, what would I do if I won?
I am sure everyone has thought of this numerous times as well.
I’ve debated not telling anyone, but a) I think the lotto company publicizes your name   b) how can I keep a secret like that?!
So after I faint of shock, jump around in circles and cash out, I have plans for my big 50!
– $10 mil automatically goes to my parents. No qualms about it. They’ve given me life so now I am going to help them live THE life.
– My baby sister gets lump sum of  $250,000 twice annually. This is to ensure she spends money responsibly and she gets to fulfill her dreams to the fullest in whichever she decides to do
– Charities to donate to: Make A Wish Foundation, Canucks Place, Cops for Cancer & Breast Cancer Society
– I would try to fund for as many libraries as I can and have a “Vanessa” section 🙂
– Build my dream house
– Purchase apts in tropical cities
– Travel around the world
– Start my own publishing house
– Try my hand in the stock market
– oh yeah and SHOPPING!!!!!
I think that covers the first year of how I’d like to spend my winnings. Today I went to buy $90 (for one of my pools) and $5 for myself. The clerk suggested I just make it an even $100. I declined at first. But as he was punching in the tickets, I remembered the story about the woman who told her clerk to void it because the clerk punched in the wrong amount. Her voided ticket turned out to be the winning numbers. I told him I changed my mind, $100 it is! Fingers crossed, knock on wood, let me win 🙂

Followup: 2 hrs later, I see this on Facebook. Touching. Now I feel bad about my list above.

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