The Rush -Surrey Leader article
Written by Destin Haynes.

Surrey’s Vanessa To and Stu Chan are Joining The Rush to Fight Lung Disease and Dirty Air

On June 5, 2010, teammates Vanessa To and Stu Chan – better known as ‘Team AWESOME’ – will be taking part in the BC Lung Association’s newest fundraising event: The Rush: Race & Urban Scavenger Hunt.

To and Chan will be scouring the city of Vancouver, uncovering clues and completing Checkpoint Challenges in a race to be the first team to cross the finish line for the chance to win the Grand Prize of a trip for two around the world!

 “As we are getting older we realized that we needed not only to take more responsibility for our health but also become more active within our community,” said To.  “Taking part in The Rush gives us the chance to do both! “

“We are hoping that by taking part in The Rush we are able to make our community more aware of all the help that is needed by the BC Lung Assocaition to fight lung disease,” continued To.  “Seeing all the participants band together for a common goal is what we are most looking forward to.”

The Rush organizers have space for 250 teams and are expecting to come close to capacity in the event’s inaugural year.  

“Think of it like an intense, one day version of TV’s Amazing Race,” said Events Coordinator Marissa McFadyen.  “Participants will be asked to do and try things they’ve likely never done before.”

How it works:

·         Teams of two will scour the city of Vancouver on foot and by public transit to complete a required number of Checkpoint Challenges within a 6 hour time limit.

·         Each Checkpoint Challenge will test teams’ limits both mentally and physically – while promising unforgettable moments – and loads of laughs.  

·         Finally, the team who finishes first wins an amazing trip for two around the world! (Note everybody who participates receives a ticket to an amazing after party!)

“Teams will be able to plan their route based on clues they decipher from their Rush Road Map,” continued McFadyen.  “From these clues teams will be able to choose from a well-rounded menu of Checkpoint Challenges to suit their strengths – artistic, athletic, and intellectual.”

Getting a Rush just thinking of it? Hurry up and register! Teams of two must sign up and commit to raising a minimum of $200 in donations on or before June 5, 2010.  And, make note, every team can earn fantastic fundraising incentive prizes!

For more information or to register visit or call the BC Lung Association at 604.731.5864.

All event proceeds go towards much-needed lung health and air quality research, education, and lung patient support programs across the province. 

About the BC Lung Association

A non-profit, non-governmental organization, the BC Lung Association is dedicated to improving lung health and promoting clean air initiatives across the province. Through public awareness campaigns, the BC Lung Association acts as an educational resource for the general public as well as those living with respiratory conditions. The BC Lung Association also specializes in patient support programs, community services and advanced medical research.

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