You know I love ya boy, HOT LIKE MEXICO!

It’s been almost a week since I’ve been back from Cancun, Mexico and I am still in vacation mode.
CANCUN 2010!  featuring Vanessa (Chiquita), Michelle (Dora), Jesse (Diego), Stu (Alejandro), Akina (Lola) & Pennie (Rosario)
This trip has been a long time in the planning. In 2009, I had planned this trip for my birthday only to cancel two weeks prior due to the Swine Flu. (I got a credit but it couldn’t be applied to a new package so now I am going to LA instead). Nothing was stopping me this year from going and as a bonus…I was going with my favourite people. We booked our trip on Expedia for $883, hotel, flight, taxes & fees all included!

Leaving the night of my birthday, we were headed for in for a 10hr travel experience. We cabbed to the airport which was driven by a driver who was falling asleep at the wheel and kept driving in the middle of the road…we had to open the windows wide open to keep him alert. After we made it safely to the airport, we went through all the mundane security checks. Of course I was randomly selected to do a full body check. We had a 5hr flight to Dallas, switched over and a 2hr flight to Cancun. After a long day of waiting, traveling, waiting and traveling, we arrived!!
Temperature? 35 degrees!!

We arrived at our resort, Barcelo Costa Cancun.

The first night we had our dinner on the beach and got very acquainted with the Tequila. Their shot glasses are double the size of ours! Our room got upgraded, which meant a hammock on our large balcony and a gorgeous bathroom.

Today w32050_10150173835520464_5664473_nas ‘let’s revel in our resort‘ day. We had a buddy system, my buddy was Steward. We awoke early (7am! Thats earlier than I get up regularly on work days!). But waking up without a stress in the world is a different story. We had free breakfast (I LOVE ALL-INCLUSIVE!) on the patio facing the ocean with fresh squeezed OJ. We scored beach chairs ocean front and proceeded to get our tan ON! The boys played football and the girls played beach volleyball. Me? I did what I’ve been dreaming about; Book in hand, sun in face, drink to the right, music in my ears.In  the afternoon, we rented out Jet Ski’s. It was thrilling! I felt like at any moment I could fall off due to my partner’s maniac steering. When it was my turn to drive, it was nice and dandy to his disappointment, haha. We migrated to the pool and played Bingo; I won a t-shirt! A tan was already starting to form nicely. Back in our AC room, it felt like a haven and I must’ve taken 3 showers already. Tonight we decided to go the Seafood themed restaurant, La Claborayana. At dinner we got a warm welcome from our servers:

It was there we discovered, Mexican Slammers. BEST shot ever. They poured it down my throat, covered my head with a cloth, spun me around and whooo!  To end the night, we got treated to a Mexican dance show.

32050_10150173835620464_6222382_nDay 3- Today, we randomly decided to go Parasailing. How awesome, right? We took a fast boat ride to the middle of
the waters to be transported to our parsailing boat. The balloon was gorgeous, just like the movie UP. The ride up is calm, quiet and gorgeous. The balloon sailed this way and then that way. The city was shining beneath the bright sun. We came crashing down to get dipped in the cool waters. Parasailing was followed by Kayaking which I am not half bad at. Later that day we took the bus (7 pesos) down to the mall. The buses have no stop signal, you just have to shout when you want off.  First things first, souvenirs! There was so many things to choose from, it was impossible to decide. Shopping proved to be difficult in the blistering heat, therefore we escaped the sun for a few hours by watching Iron Man 2 (5 pesos = $5!!). The movie was just as good as the first and had Spanish subtitles. On our way back to the hotel, I spotted a Hooters restaurant, how fricking awesome would it be to dine there? But alas we have free yummy food back at the hotel. We dined in Mexican style tonight at Mexico Lindo. We didn’t have as great service as the night before but the food was prime! Tonight we took a long stroll on the beach and tried to stay up to watch the Sunset…tried.

32050_10150173835745464_3832766_nDay 4 – 6am wake up call. Today we visited Chichen Itza aka Chicken Pizza. This is 1 of the 7 wonders of the world.

The shuttle bus was a 2hr ride and the only entertainment that was provided was Classic 80’s music videos. I finished my new novel by Nora Roberts, ‘Savour the Moment’.

We had a pit stop to the beautiful Cenote. It was serene and breathtaking. It is to be described as a water of sanctuary.  Lunch was provided and off to the historic site we went. First thoughts, HOT. It was blistering heat and I bought water for $6US out of desperation.

The monument is indescribable. Our tour guide was very knowledgable and explained to us the history. Mayans built this monument and it has been proven they were most knowledgable in Astrology long before anyone else was. The site contained many more historical sightings. Yet due to vandalism they only recently restricted touching. That is disappointing, because climbing those stairs would’ve been a great feat. The beauty of the day was somewhat smidged by the vendors aka the vultures. They circle in on you at every other second badgering you to buy their goods. I ended up buying 3 artifacts and a skull. I was very proud of the way I bargained and got these goods for a decent price. Back at the hotel we tried Spanish themed food and fell in love. We had the best servers and the best time! After dinner we discovered the 24hrs snack bar and rec room that included a pool table which we took to our advantage.

Day 5 –
Another 6am wake up call. Today we went to the Selvatica. This is Trip Advisor’s top rated activity to do in Cancun for 3 consecutive years and for a good reason. I had a fantastic time! We did their Corona Valley package that included 12 ziplines, Dune Buggy and Cenote swim with lunch.

For obvious reasons we didn’t take our cameras while ziplining but all of our activities that day were recorded and we had it on DVD after. The staff was amazing. Personable, friendly, experienced and fun! As a first time Zipliner, I had a great time. I was scared shitless and we kept going higher and higher. I tried not to think about how far the lines were or how high up I was. The thrill factor is definitely present, especially when they made me go upside down…no hands. The Dune Buggying was unreal. Driving recklessly through the dirt pathway, (googles & masks provided) was cool even if I crashed into a tree (it’s expected of me).  Finishing up with a swim at a Cenote with ziplines provided and a cold Corona. I’d say the only flaw I had was the bug bites. I wasn’t prepared for that and I left with 6. Uncool and itchy. The rest of the day was enjoyed by the pool to work on that tan that somehow turned into a burnt black. Yikes.

Day 6- You guessed it, another 6am morning. The shuttle buses in Cancun are super punctual and we can’t miss it. Today we went to Xel Ha. The BEST thing we did on our trip!
Its where river meets ocean and a wonderful water park is created. There were lots of times I was there and thinking to myself, am I really here?! It’s absolutely amazing and well worth the money.

Our first stop was the land of Hammocks, yes it’s just like it sounds. Paradise. We walked the path of consciousness to the bikes. We biked in our bathing suits to the lagoon, hopped in our tubes and down we went. Swirling and floating in the vast blue waters to our first stop. The cliff jumping. To be honest I didn’t think I’d do it. But I did…twice. First time, my buddy forgot to film it so I had to do it all over again. I peered down, I retreated, I moved forward and took a leap of faith with a blood curling scream. It’s nothing like how Bella did it in New Moon for sure. Back on our tubes we headed to our next pit stop, walking the ropes above the water. Uh, no thanks. Ditched the tubes and started to snorkel. Also first time snorkler. Learning to breath from your mouth is new. I didn’t realize how heavily dependent I am on my nose. Once I got the hang of it, I was having a blast. There’s so much to see!  A day there really isn’t enough, this is one thing I’d pay to do again.

Day 7- Already….I don’t know how. But by today, I didn’t know what time or day it was, I was having too much fun.

This day we got to sleep in and lounge. I tried to soak in the resort and all it’s greatness. 15 mins boat ride from our resort was an island that we wanted to visit, it seemed the relaxing thing to do so we did. I am glad that’s what we chose to do on our last day. We rented a golf cart and drove around the streets of Mexico. (at 40Km in hr in the mix of real traffic and mopeds) It was an eye opener to see how the people lived, their life, and the daily ongoings. What do you know? It started to rain. We spotted a side street outdoor sheltered restaurant and ate. My first paid meal! It was worth it for the fresh guacamole and salsa. SO that’s what salsa tastes like. More bites were contracted here, bringing the total to 11.

Our flight was very early in the morning so we had to turn in early and check out at 3am =(

We had a code word, Jabba, to be used if any one of us got annoyed with each other. Happy to say we didn’t use it not once. That’s what happens when you travel with awesome people. On our last night we played the “I Never” drinking game and learned a lot about our thoughts on the trip including that I snore which I learned from my buddy. My hair got totally frazzled by the excessive amounts of showers I took.  Spanish is a sexy language. Mexicans are really nice  and humorous people.

I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday getaway! Mexico was beautiful, hot and fun but I was very glad to be home.  LA bound in 6 months!

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