Lost…and found

At the end, you always go back to the beginning.

*No spoilers*
Twenty four hours has passed and I am still in awe of Lost ending. 
I think back to the beginning to the first I viewed the pilot just not a few months ago. Where was this going to go? Who are these characters? What was the fascination with this show? I’ve lost countless hours of sleep due to my Lost marathons in order to find out what happens next only to have more questions arise. You become so emotionally invested in the characters, in the island and the history/future of it all. It’s a show like no other. It’s about love, faith, science, survival and a punch of humor.
Last night I was glued to my tv for two and half hours for the series finale and I had to say a tearful goodbye.
Were all my questions answered? Absolutely not. Was it rushed? Very. Did it rock my world? Certainly. Am I still yearning for more? Yes!
I don’t know what I was expecting for the finale but thinking back, it was one of the two plausible/logical theories. I thought the symbolism at the end was genius and touching. Even though there is still so many mysteries left to be solved, just the emotional happy friend/love reunions were enough to sustain me with a happy departing image of Lost.
DVD Box collection release August 24.

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