Missing You

Today I am missing you.
It came out of nowhere and it came it fast.
It started with a dream; lucid, vivid, heartbreaking…
I recognized you, I saw you,….I remembered you
All of you. Scent. Feel. Sound. Love.
I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t need to think, I just did what I’ve been wanting to do
I ran into your arms
Sobbing uncontrollably wasn’t an option, it was a release
My heart was raw and it told you everything I couldn’t say
I miss you, life is empty with you, I need you.
I buried my head in the crook of your neck that I know is mine
The hollow where my cheek fit, where my tears dribbled down, where I feel you
I look at you and I see home
You look at me, you speak for the first time.
You say the words I don’t want to hear, the words that shatter the fragments left of my heart
I wake up.
I lie in bed where it suddenly goes cold. I close my eyes trying to recapture what is you that is quickly fading…it’s the only way
The hours dance and the dream stays…you stay.
I talk, I laugh, I sing, I smile…whilst you are just a thought away
Miles, days, lives away you are…but for me you are never too far
I think of  our yesterdays and what could’ve been our tomorrows.
I know there are things you want to tell me, things you want to say, things you think, only if you may
Just today, just right now, I am missing you.
But hey tomorrow’s another day and I’ll tell myself once again, I am through.

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