Sleepless in Seattle

Random Seattle fact:
Seattleites buy more sunglasses per capita than any other city in the nation.

This weekend was the spontaneous trip to Seattle that was planned a few days in advance. I’ve only ever been to Seattle once and it was a few years ago back. Even though I should have been saving all my American dollars for my Mexico trip (14 days!!!), I dipped into my funds and off to Seattle with L, V & G.The border wait time was the usual grueling 1hr 30min ordeal even though we tried to cut time by shopping at Duty Free. I am glad I am never the appointed driver because A) I would get lost & B) What a long drive! We broke for lunch at Taco Bell….& my oh my. This is where chicken  burrito haven is!! $1 for majority of the items; nachos, soft/hard tacos, burritos, cinnatwists, you name it. 
This was followed of course by shopping, outlet & mall. I bought Nike sandals for Dad $20, Jasmine tea for my Mom ($18), 1 dress for Mexico ($15), 1 dress shirt for work ($15), 1  board game ($20) and sunglasses (2 for $10) and leggings for ($4). What a bargain right? I could afford living there, that is if I don’t need any medical!
We then checked into our hotel, The Hilton Embassy (courtesy of G). Even though this hotel is a Hilton chain, it had its own look.
Cleanliness: 4.7/5
*still hate every hotel with the ugly carpets you never know whats on them!
Service: 4.8/5
*Prompt on bringing up extra pillows. Jerk bartender ID’ed us and had to truck back to our room for ID.
Appearance: 4.1/5
It had an outdoor feel with the palm trees and such but the colours are very bland for me
Food: 5/5
*When we arrived, we were told all guests are welcome at the Manager’s Reception. This means unlimited alcoholic drinks and finger foods. Um…awesome!? We each had about 8 glasses of whatever we wanted! Beer, vodka, wine, etc. Then in the morning they provided an unlimited breakfast buffet with cereal, bagels, oatmeal, eggs, bacon, sausage, juice etc. Simply delish, complimentary food is always an A1 in my books.
So after we got a nice little happy buzz going we headed out to the Cheesecake Factory downtown (and why the heck do we still not have one of these in Canada!) where I was in food heaven.  If you are worried about my waist line at this point,…you should be. Of course during the course of the weekend it was just eating, shopping, travelling, repeat. Thanks to TS for inviting me! This weekend was just completely relaxing and fun and I still made it back to watch Canucks kick major ass. =]

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