For the love of food

o1. pineapple seafood fried rice o2. fried cheesecake 03. ahi tuna

Scrumptious. Delectable. Mouthwatering.
FOOD. I have my very own love relationship with food as I am sure many of you do as well. Food is so much of our everyday life that most of us don’t appreciate just how yummy every morsel actually is.
I usually pull out my cell phone when I am ready to divulge into a meal as you can see some of the images Ive taken.  When I was younger I use to be very pro quantity over quality but now as I mature I am learning to appreciate the fine taste of gourmet foods. Breaking it down to the basics though, here are my favourite dining places and foods I will always be down to go out for:

01. Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) – #1 Large with salad roll with lime! Optional to order Lemon Soda
Backup order: Fried egg with rice and grilled lemon chicken
Fav picks: Pho Tam, Pho Tau Bay, Pho Hoa & Pho 99

02. Sushi – SALMON sashimi, Ahi Tuna,  Alaskan Roll, Cream Cheese, Rolls Ebi Sunomo,  Prawn Tempura, & Oyster Motoyaki
Fav picks: Sushi Garden, Top Gun, Alaska, SushiToGo & Sui Shi Ya

03.  Western – Mushroom burger, Greek Wings, MedRare Steak with garlic mashed potatoes, Lasagna, FO Soup & Fries.
Fav picks: Wings, Red Robin, Boston Pizza,  Olive Garden, Montanna’s & Denny’s.

04. Liquids – Shirely Temples, Long Islands, Bellini’s & Cran Vodka

05. Dessert! – Everything chocolate, Cheesecake, Ice Cream, Crepes, Cream puffs & Eclairs
Fav picks: Cafe Crepe, Death By Chocolate & Gelato’s

What made me think of all this food today? Today is the first day Dine Out Vancouver is taking their reservations!  Book yours today because its quickly filling up.
Happy Eating!

04. House roll    05. Casino pasta    06. Chocolate Explosion

04. House Roll 05. Penne pasta 06. Chocolate Explosion



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