Author showcase: J.D Robb

One shelf of my bookcase designated for only JD Robb

One of my favourite authors is J.D Robb. (Warning: SPOILER ALERTS!!)
J.D Robb is an alias for Nora Roberts.  Nora Roberts who is famous for her romance novels needed another pen name for her novels that involved futuristic murder mysteries. Therefore JD Robb was born; taken from her two sons’ initials and shortened her last name.  Her novel series, In Death, has published more than thirty books of which 23 were named New York Times best sellers.

The In Death series circles around Eve Dallas who is the lieutenant of New York in the year 2059.  Eve comes from a broken and abusive childhood, who then rises up to be a dedicated homicide lieutenant to find justice to those who were murdered.
Her character is abrasive, bitchy, independent and respectable. She is use to running the show on her own and usually runs herself to the ground by how hard she works. Her life is her job.
That is until she meets the rest of the characters in the series. Here is some insight to some of those characters:
Roarke:  Billionaire husband who is breathtakingly handsome,  tech savvy, dangerous and who also comes from an abusive childhood. He shows her passion and love she’s never known.
Peabody: Detective partner  who is girly, hilarious  and provides comic relief and shows her what friendship is all about.
Dr. Mira: The therapist of the NYPD dept. Stands in as Eve’s mother figure and provides the maternal connection she’s never known.

The In Death series is about grisly murders that take place in the future and even though it’s 50 years ahead, the changes made are very noticable:
> Guns are antiques and illegal. The NYPD now only use Stunners (like tasers).
> Prostitution is legal. They are called LC (Licensed Companions) and is a top career for most
> Real coffee/meat/paper is rare. You have to be in the wealthy bracket to afford these items. They sub it for soy meat etc
> Instead of cell phones, they use Links. Links are mini pc’s that allow face conversations and data to be sent.
> Droids are very common in every household (essentially robots that do your housework etc)
> Autochefs are their cooks. A machine you stock with ingredients and then you enter what you’d like to have and it cooks it for you
> Holos are very common for their gaming and activities. It is a program that is a hologram that allows you to be in any setting you desire. IE. if you choose Paris, you will experience the scenery, atmosphere and smell.
> Computers are now handled by voice commands, it is very seldom they use manual directions. “Computer open word file” etc.

Many more interesting future theories and insights that you’ll have to discover on your own. The murders are usually extremely brutal and violent. It is up to Eve and her team to recreate the scenario, analyze the evidence and track down the killer before they strike again. The novels are compelling because the murders are clever, it walks you through the complete process of the investigations and you get attached to the character’s personal lives as well.

I always lend out my books and this series is always the one I recommend. It is so widely popular that there is a fan based community formed of over 4,000 members.
Check it out next time you are at the library looking for something new to read. For more information on JD Robb, here is her official website.

Happy Reading!


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