1. Dodgeball 2. Face off 3. I shoot...I score!

Happy Friday!
How awesome is it to wake up nowadays and have the sun shining through your blinds? Makes you want to just smile while your eyes are still closed and wonder what the day holds for you.
For the past few weeks I feel like I have been on a moving walkway and I finally get to stop and breathe this weekend.
After this weekend I’ll be free, I’ll have absolutely nothing to do.
School, Dodgeball, PT work and Lost – ALL DONE.
School – Taking a break this semester to enjoy summer!
Dodgeball – Had an amazing time, felt a wave of nostalgia of  elementary school days (except more getting hit in the face) , still didn’t learn how to catch but became a better dodger
BCIT pt – It was interesting couple of weeks to work for the Alumni Foundation. It’s opened my eyes to a lot of human behaviour and the power of a good cause.
Lost – & found. How many Lost marathons have I had? Countless. How much sleep did I lose? Tons. It was all worth it, I am fully caught up on Season 6 and await the finale like all other Lost lovers. Can’t express how great this show is and will be truly sad to see it end.

The time between now and Mexico (24 more days!!) will be empty of things to do! (Although L did introduce me floor hockey at SunGodz on Wednesday last week, so 1 day spoken for) 
Then after that is a whirlwind of activities!
May 09 – Sun Run 
I need to start spending quality time running outside because I am guessing running on the street is a whole lot different from running on a treadmill.
May 10 – MY 23rd  BIRTHDAY!
May 11-18 – Cancun, Mexico 
I kind of made a list of what to bring but not really. I will use this time to get my shots, medical insurance, pre pack and plan out daily activities.
May 19- Volleyball league starts
June 05- The Rush Vancouver
This is an event hosted by the Lung Cancer Association 
“TEAMS OF 2 will scour the city of Vancouver as part of an EPIC, 1 DAY RACE and urban SCAVENGER HUNT. Teams will decipher clues to help them complete a predetermined number of CHECKPOINT CHALLENGES at UNKNOWN LOCATIONS throughout the city. Checkpoint Challenges consist of tasks that will TEST TEAMS’ LIMITS both MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY while also being FUN and ENTERTAINING. The first team to complete the required number of Checkpoint Challenges and cross the finish line wins a trip for two around the world”
How cool is that? Our team name is Total Chaos. Join, compete and have fun!
June 20 – 24hr Easter Seal Relay
Raise funds and more running (groans) to practice for.
July- Miss BC Pageant 
August 20 – MICHAEL BUBLE!

Well I have 24 days to do nothing. I am going to revel in it ❤


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