The Written Word.

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26 letters. These letters make up the english language which forms into the books I love so much. Some people put down their hobbies as cars, sports, or cooking.  Mine is reading.I am going to route it back to when I was seven years old and just had a dream of reading all the books in our elementary library.
It really took off when I got my very own public library card. When I read I try to keep an open mind to all genres and read from classic to modern.
I find myself enjoying novels that have a ‘series’ to them because I become attached to the characters. Sometimes I even start to read slower near the end of the book because I hate to see it end.
Writing has also intertwined in this hobby because I realise they go hand in hand. Although every time I try to start writing a novel, I always have great beginning and no ending.
Reading is amazing because it can be done anywhere. I always make sure to have a novel in my bag. Trust this comes in handy as it turns out humans spend 6 months of their lives waiting in line ups.
Most people who don’t like reading, I give them the suggestion that perhaps they are reading the wrong novels. You can’t like every movie, you have to choose ones that interest you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t write off movies would you?
Some people spend their money on new toys, clothes and etc, I spend mine on books. I get butterflies when I step into Chapters or bring a new book home.  I have quite a library of my own but it’s just starting yet. One day I’ll be like Belle and need ladders for my bookcases.

 The best nights are when I am curled up reading.

I feel very strongly about everyone having the ability to enjoy this hobby as I do mine so I participate in the Sun Run. $1 from every registrant goes to the Raise a Reader program which supports the national Literacy Program.
Join & support!


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