I’ve been diagnosed with Lost fever.

It started innocently enough with a friendly challenge between SChan & I. His favourite show is Lost & mine is HIMYM. Both shows have been successful since 2005 but embarrassed to say I have never been interested much less heard of Lost.  We challenged each other to see who can race through the seasons the quickest. After a week, it’s safe to say I have the head lead.

I started out watching the show on TVShack, TvGorge and SurfTheChannel – all good sites to watch TV series on your computer – but realized how unsatisfied I was with the quality, lag times, surveys & size. So I put out a notice for help on FB to ask someone kindly to lend me their seasons. Voila! PN came to my rescue to fulfill my Lost needs.

Now in highschool when we read Lord of the Flies, I was already very much engrossed in the concept of getting stuck on an island. Isn’t that a famous question to ask others? If you were stuck on an island and could only bring three items, what would it be? My answer was always books, my bed & scissors! Now of course in LOTF, they were children and eventually get rescued. But here, this show, 6 seasons! After the first few episodes, I was scratching my head and wondering, “what could they possibly do for 6 seasons?!”

I am well into the 2nd season now, clocking in over 20 hours (not to mention saving a lot of money by being holed up at home) and am still fascinated by the storyline. Many different characters with a wide range of history that somehow intertwine with one another. My favourite character is Jack. Jack is a doctor and he was dubbed as the ‘leader’ among the fourty survivors. He has proven to be heroic, selfless, pure hearted and not to mention HOT time and time again. If I got stuck on an island with him….
The show displays logic with a hint of magic mystery to keep you guessing and they have no qualms about killing off characters in a heartbeat. This kept me on  the edge, never knowing what to expect.
I also learned a lot (not sure if its actual tips) about how to survive on an island. Shelter, food, hunting, delegating, etc.

This is completely out of my tv league as my list of favourite tv shows include: Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Kitchen Nightmares, Cake Boss, etc. This is serious, heck, the theme music gives me goosebumps each time  I hear it. But this proves it’s a good risk to step outside of your bounds and try to view other series.  I googled Lost and found it has always made the list for  the top 10 most watched shows. Now I can join other Lost lovers in discussions but the difference is I didn’t have to wait six years to wait to find out what happens next. 

Four more seasons to go and I am well on my way to being…Lost.


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